McNiffes Irish Boxty LogoThey say “Don’t keep secrets in a family” but ours is one that binds us together…

At McNiffe’s, we’ve been handcrafting our secret family recipe Boxty an Irish Potato Pancake and Potato Cakes for generations in the heart of Lovely Leitrim, taking pride in sharing these truly tasty Irish traditions with families like yours. It’s the delicious potato-y goodness in our Boxty and Potato Cakes that bring our family together at mealtimes, so we’re happy to share it with the rest of the world from our family to yours.


Real. Simple. Delicious.

We are Boxty enthusiasts and our goal is to share our passion with the rest of the world! We have been hand-crafting our secret family recipe in the heart of Lovely Leitrim since 1984 and are incredibly proud of its true Irish heritage.

Creating our potato-y range requires two elements: a love for food and family paired with a commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients.

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We embrace simplicity as the best way to deliver excellence

At McNiffes we are committed to Tradition, ensuring that our original recipe Boxty, tastes the same today as it did
when our ancestors used to make it many years ago. Inspired by Families and the People of Ireland,
McNiffe’s Boxty is a true Irish speciality that has grown in love from its traditional roots to its modern-day glory.

Did you know?

McNiffe’s Boxty is crafted using Real Irish Potato to an original Irish recipe that makes it wonderfully unique and…
It is also the only original recipe that is naturally:
Boxty is Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly Boxty

That is Potato-y plant-based goodness at its best!
All of our products are 100% plant based and made using a simple list of natural ingredients…

McNiffes Boxty Contains No Artificial Colours OR Flavours

Contains No Artificial Colours OR Flavours

We have perfected our recipe with a unique blend of 3 ingredients: Potato, flour and salt, helping to create an irresistible Potato-y texture. All of this with no artificial colours or flavours.

Boxty Is Fat Free

Fat Free & No Added Sugar

Full of slow-releasing energy that keeps your body fuelled up and ready for the day.

From Humble beginnings in the heart of Lovely Leitrim

McNiffes Boxty has now become a
National favourite, popular all across Ireland, as well as parts of the UK and USA.
McNiffes Boxty has been enjoyed in the far corners of the globe by excited travellers
eager to share their Irish treasure with their friends and families.
It is from these simple roots that McNiffes have grown their business; through Family and friendships and a
mutual love of Irish food, inspirational conversations around the dinner table and the respectful sharing
of old traditions and welcoming of new ones, it is through each and every one of our wonderful customers who share,
enjoy and recommend our products every day that has helped its traditional roots to grow into its modern-day glory.
Love Boxty. Love Family. Love Irish Food.


100% Satisfaction From Every Bite

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