McNiffes Irish Boxty LogoThey say “Don’t keep secrets in a family” but ours is one that binds us together…

At McNiffe’s, we’ve been handcrafting our secret family recipe Boxty and Potato Cakes for generations in the home of Boxty; Lovely Leitrim, taking pride in sharing these truly tasty Irish traditions with families like yours. It’s the delicious real potato-y goodness in our Boxty and Potato Cakes that makes our original family recipe so tasty and unique, we hope our products bring you and your family as much enjoyment and satisfaction as we get every day from making them. Authentic Boxty the way it should be.


Real. Simple. Delicious.

We are Boxty is one of Ireland’s tastiest National foods, made predominantly from the humble potato, it dates to pre-famine times in Ireland and is traditionally associated with County Leitrim and counties of the North-West of Ireland. Boxty was a valuable way of making the most out of the Irish diet of Potato and adding variety.Many believe Boxty to originally have been a peasant dish, however there is more evidence to suggest it was a celebratory meal that brought profound joy to those who made it, so much so, that it inspired bountiful rhymes, poetry, songs, stories and folklore and thus became a valued food of Irish culture. The popularity of Irish Boxty has now spread far and wide and is now enjoyed by many far from where it was traditionally associated.

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Did you know?

McNiffe’s Boxty is the only original recipe Boxty that is Vegan friendly, being made up to 99% from the humble potato,
it makes it potato-y plant based goodness at its very tastiest. McNiffe’s Boxty also contains no added fat or sugar,
so you can determine how indulgent you ultimately want to make it by how you cook it or what you add to it.
We really don’t need to add any artificial colours or flavours to our recipe to make it any more mouth-watering (in our opinion).

Did you know?

McNiffe’s Boxty is crafted using Real Irish Potato to an original Irish recipe that makes it wonderfully unique and…
It is also the only original recipe that is naturally:
Boxty is Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly Boxty

That is Potato-y plant-based goodness at its best!
All of our products are 100% plant based and made using a simple list of natural ingredients…

McNiffes Boxty Contains No Artificial Colours OR Flavours

Contains No Artificial Colours OR Flavours

We have perfected our recipe with a unique blend of 3 ingredients: Potato, flour and salt, helping to create an irresistible Potato-y texture. All of this with no artificial colours or flavours.

Boxty Is Fat Free

Fat Free & No Added Sugar

Full of slow-releasing energy that keeps your body fuelled up and ready for the day.

From Humble beginnings in the heart of Lovely Leitrim

To a little bit of Lovely Leitrim in every County
The versatility of McNiffe’s Boxty has now inspired hundreds of meal combinations, everything from
Boxty pizza, Boxty burritos, Boxty garlic breads, Boxty chips, Boxty croutons, Boxty wraps, Boxty toasties, Boxty canapes,
to traditional Boxty brunches and Boxty breakfasts… everything tastes extra special with McNiffe’s Boxty.
Love Boxty. Love Family. Love Irish Food.